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Medical Innovations

Meditainer MT 75

ECOPATENT® Meditainer MT 75

Disposable Meditainer


Disposable Meditainer MT 75 Ecopatent

Disposable Meditainer MT 75

Type Meditainer : about 260 x 135 x 19 mm



  • ready-to-use meditainer made of 100% cellulose
  • disposable meditainer
  • pulp quality: Northern Bleachesd Softwood Kraft (NBSK),ECF
  • environmentally friendly, hygienic and economic
  • liquid-proof for at least 8 hours
  • possibility to sterilize it with Gamma rays

All-purpose container at hospital wards, outpatients, ambulances, operating theatres, laboratories, X-ray departments, MRT and CSSD.

The meditainer is, among others, used in hospitals, nursing homes and in emergency response units.

  • After use, contaminated bedpans made of cellulose will be disposed of or – using the ECOPATENT® ECO-Finisher-Macerator liquefied and defibered in order to dispose them of through the sewage system.


Pack unit (box) Weight (unit) 0,019 kg Weight (box) 6,289 kg Weight (pallet) 170,936 kg

1 box = 296 unit

1 pallet = 24 boxes = 7104 units

Minimum order quantity 1 pack unit = 1 box



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